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Our Reputation is Built From the High-end Tamper-evident Measures Our Global Partners Have Used to Drive Brand Loyalty:

We are the behind-the-scenes supplier of many renowned international brands.

SAMSUNG No Residue Label

FEDEX Void Sticker

LENOVO Security Labels

SGS Low Residue Label

NOKIA Eggshell Stickers

All Types of Custom Tamper Proof Stickers We Offer

We offer residue and no residue void labels, destructible labels, different hologram security labels, etc. to meet the needs of different customer application surfaces.

Customized Hidden Message Security Stickers
Hologram Security Stickers
Tamper Proof Labels for BYD
Custom Security Stickers
Destructible Labels
Tamper Proof Stickers
Void Stickers with Hologram Strip
Tamper Evident Labels for Firefighting
Holographic Security Stickers
UV Hidden Custom Hologram

Tamper Proof Stickers Varied Customization Options

We offer a diverse range of customization options that allow our clients to create unique tamper evident labels with the market’s demands. 



UV ink

Serial Number

QR Codes

Surface Printing

Void Message

Thermochromic Ink



Are you a label converter?

We not only provide customized security labels, but also provide Jumbo roll or slit rolls label material in different colors for label converters!!

Jumbo roll size is 530mm*500m.

Any color can be customized, just provide the Pantone code.

SHOSKY can do difficult and complex tamper evident products in the market.

Partial Transfer Tamper Evident Material for OPPO
Partial Transfer Tamper Evident Material for LENOVO
Total Transfer Tamper Evident Material for HUAWEI
Hologram Destructible Vinyl
Custom Hologram Tamper Evident Material
Void Material with UV ink

Shosky Security Figure

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Years of Experience

5,000 ㎡

Plant Area


Production Lines

3.500.000 ㎡

Annual Production

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